Debbie Bissell
Occupational Therapist and BIA.

I can confirm that the purchase was the best made. Everyone should be using it - if you want to cut down assessment writing time. A very good resource.

June Schofield (Cumbria)
Initially sceptical... but not anymore

I was initially sceptical about using this software, as I was not sure what the benefit would be. I tried the 5 assessment trial, and within 4 hours had already purchased the 20 assessment top up.

It's made me reflect about the way I was undertaking the assessment process, and that I was not thinking about what I was doing in terms of using technology to make my life easier. Give it a go!

Dr. P. Ali (London)
Fantastic Product!

Fantastic product. It has helped me write the Form 4 assessment in a concise, clear and structured way. It has helped speed up the process, and make my reports more descriptive. I would recommend this to any Psychiatrists wishing to do Dols work. *****

D. Escobar. (London)
Independent BIA

Initially when I saw this mentioned on Facebook, I was sceptical as to how this could a.) help me and b.) just the concept of using software to help me write my reports. I’ve signed up to the 5 assessment trial, and have to admit that although I wasn’t able to complete my report as quickly as the demo, I can see the value to me as an Independent BIA. I was able to compile a rough version of the report in under an hour, which is far quicker than I generally do it when I have to write them out on the PC. I am impressed by the quality of the report it generates, but note to any future users, its only as good as the info you put into it. I think the real test will be to go out with my laptop when I do the assessments and see how much time per assessment it saves me.

F. Parveen (Birmingham)
Great Software

...I really struggled with Form 3, and using DoLSpro has helped me write my reports in a structured way. Thanks!!!!

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