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    It's time to to ditch the paper and pen.

How many times have you pulled out your paper and pen and sat there thinking about anything else but completing your assessment? The weather, all the house work that needs doing, making that fresh cup of coffee. How many times have you been stuck for the right way to articulate what you are trying to say, without the constant repetition? How many times have you been stuck for inspiration?

DoLSpro Limited has developed the answer. Working with Best Interest Assessors and s.12 Doctors, we took on board the frustrations and difficulties assessors have.

We have turned this into the DoLSpro Assessment Support Tool.


No More Wasted Time:

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to complete Form 3?

Goodall and Wilkins (2015), note that BIA's take an average of 3 Hours and 48 mins*. Our research noted that the average length of time to complete Form 3 was between 5-6 hours.

The problem is repetition.

86% of assessors we talked to still use paper and pen when out on assessment. Only to then return to base to write up the assessment.

In essence, doing the same assessment twice.

You don't have to any more. DoLSpro is available to be used on a portable computer or tablet with no internet necessary**.

Take DoLSpro on your assessment and do it once.

Lets face it, if you can save time and be more efficient, you can use the time you have saved for other things.


Where does DoLSpro come in?

DoLSpro Pre-Write is a feature that supports quicker completion of your assessment. By selecting various options, and adding relevant person-centred details you can build a quality, personalised assessment in less than 30 minutes. (as seen here).

How can this be possible?

We've taken time to figure out the most efficient way of doing it. We know that its taking too long to complete assessments, and have fixed it.

And Local Authorities are OK with this?

DoLSpro allows you to produce a person-centred, focused and concise professional report, which includes all the key information expected by Local Authorities. Reports produced using DoLSpro have been received by 22 Local Authorities.

How do we find out more?

Register for your DoLSpro account and get 5 assessments at a trial price of £9.99 exc. VAT. This will give you a chance to explore the system, and an idea of how the system works and what the features do, without being tied into anything.

*The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards: A Best Interest Assessor Time Study, Goodall and Wilkins, (November 2015).

**assessment can be completed with no internet connection. Internet connection is required to generate the Form 3/3A/4.